Madden 15, The obsession started and I became inspired. After spending $800 on packs and numerous hours on the auction house listing cards and managing auctions, my frustration grew as I had no time to play the game anymore. I was so tired one day staying up late to post cards that I mis-listed a 99 Boss Gronkowski, a 2 Million coin card at the time , for 200 coins . It instantly sold and my heart sank when I couldn't cancel it in time. I felt like I just threw $200 out the window.

There was nobody to blame but myself. With that said I wasn't about to let that happen again. Plus I had to earn my coins back, so I went all-in and learned the prices of every card 300k and up , which at the time was a lot, and crushed the market flipping cards. I had notebooks full of information, like 6 of them, spreadsheets in excel, names of players I did deals with and a group of friends as ambitious as me.

At the time I was doing Madden strategy, YouTube and had a website, maddenmastermind, and knew that if I could apply what I'm doing and teach the average/casual player, we got something. So the idea was born. However this was 2015, far from the pen and paper era, plus who has the time to learn all these prices. I figured why not turn this into something wayyyyy more fun than what I had to do. Let's bring technology and real statistics into this. We live in a real time world, why are we dealing with old data? Why don't we have the correct data ? I don't have time for it, so I'll assume nobody else does. Only problem is I knew nothing about programming computers.

So I researched, did what I had to do and now here we are. Despite a ton of setbacks, to the point I didn't think we would ever launch, I am proud to bring you what I feel is the best site to build your Madden Ultimate Team. No coin buying needed, no Terms of Service needing to be breached. Coins earned the right way. Help us eliminate botters and middle men who get in the way of coins getting to the people who deserve them the most. I know the system works, I put my life savings into it. Enjoy Madden Community, I hope everyone has great success.